Thursday, February 24, 2011

Zoodles, Goobers, Buddies, and Hubs

So, if a picture is worth a thousand words, and my goal is to post at least a thousand words a week, then this post and my 10 photos should cover me for the next 10 weeks or so right? ;)

No seriously though, I have not updated my photo albums on Facebook for the last few months (probably because it was so aggravating the last 3 times I tried it) so I thought I would post a few gems here.

This is what I get for leaving my camera at the computer desk. I never even knew he took these photos, and there are about 15 siblings to these that remain on my memory card. Apparently it's more fun to photograph your computer games than actually play them ;).
 Quick note: In case anyone is feeling distressed over the idea of my child sitting at the computer/internet unattended. We have downloaded a program on our computer called Zoodles. It's basically a (free) web browser just for children. Once opened, he is locked into a browser that has Disney and PBS games, videos, and music for him to explore. He cannot exit the program once it is opened so I know he is safe. (I have no affiliation with
Owen has been getting so big. I cannot believe his fourth birthday is right around the corner. I think I may cry on that day. He is becoming quite the story teller, a quality I am nurturing. The last few nights he has recounted his Bible story for us in extreme detail and delight. I caught his second rendition of Samuel last night, and plan to have the camera ready tonight for the "first fruits" and hope to post a video of him doing this soon. He's also getting excited about letters. He "read" the words "SINK" and "DRINK" on Super Why this morning....Now they were saying "If we ad "DER" to "INK" what does that spell? " and showed all the letters moving together, but still, I count it! I applauded him and did the "you can spell dance" which is basically the "you went potty dance" with different shouts of affirmation. He promised me that we can use his spelling blocks tonight to practice together. Looking forward to that magic!

This sequence of pictures was so much fun, and so frustrating. Micah was giving me the biggest, cutest, coyest smiles ever, but he was so speedy, and coy that I got lots of pictures of his head! I love all three of these images. I love how shy and sweet he looks in the first picture and that I caught him mid run in the second one. But this third picture just blows me away. Speaking of growing up. What happened to my sweet little baby. I really must start calling him a toddler, but I'm just not ready yet. Some milestones I've welcomed with open arms (sleeping through the night...Can I get a "whoop whoop") others make me a little sad (nursing is down to about 2 times a day), I've enjoyed his first few words which he doles out very sporadically and sparingly always saying them when something else is going on so you can't be quite convinced he actually said them. When he was a new born he was my pirate, now he's me little "goober" I have no explanation for the new nickname, other than look at him! Doesn't he look like a goober?

 What can I say about this picture that would come close to describing the emotions it stirs deep inside of me? It's my hubs holding my chillin's all smiling pretty and letting their baby blues sparkle. I couldn't be more blessed by him, or more proud of him. He does so much for our family, he works like a trooper and really provides for us. I love how he made me green tea with honey the other night and "forced" me to drink it to help me feel better and read me my Bible devotions because I wasn't feeling well. He compliments me.
And just because I couldn't have more pictures of Micah or Special Agent Oso, here is another gem of my Buddy.

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