Tuesday, January 4, 2011

101 Things in 1001 Days

I’ve restructured my list by categories, so that I can easily find things based on particular areas of my life. Some of these goals are things I’ve said I was going to do years ago, but never put down on paper and/or never followed through on. Some of these are hard for me to accomplish and I will probably have to start 3 times over (sticking with a budget for 3 months straight, yikes) or more! Some of these goals felt optimistic when I put them on paper, like potty training Micah (let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here) then I realized that in 1001 days Micah will exactly the same age Owen is now and Owen will be in Kindergarten. Talk about an eye opener, “quick scroll down and add potty training to the list!”

The most daunting and exciting goal on my list is basically the entire “Personal Ambitions” section. I truly feel like working on, and striving towards achieving these goals, will allow me to cross number 10 off of my list once and for all. If you would like to hold me accountable to these goals in particular, please let me know. My history in this department has often been defeat and failure, your prayers and support will help me to break that pattern. The reason I chose to do this list is because I feel the Lord has been calling me to more than I have been willing to give and I want to step out of living each day indifferently and living each day with purpose, on purpose, for Christ.

I hope to update this list as I go along, and if you begin following my blog I imagine there will be a post or two about some of these ambitions. Thank you again, and God Bless!

1001 days: January 6, 2011 -- September 30, 2013
Christian Ambitions
1.      Begin following a reading guideline for my devotional time and stick to it throughout the entire plan (doing well with reading the Proverbs of the day, 3/7/2011)
2.      Share Christ with a complete stranger (oooo now that we are in T-ball I should be keeping this in mind 6/6/2011)
3.      Continue to pray for my unsaved family and friends (Began 1/4/2011, work in progress)
4.      Pray for the Lord to open the opportunity to have one conversation with (*) about salvation
5.      Join a ladies bible study (February 2011)
6.      Pick one of these ambitions and pray for it for a week
7.      Pick out one family memory Bible verse each month and post it in the bathroom
8.      Begin having weekly family devotions
9.      Invite bring 3 people to church at least one time
10.  Stop sinfully burying my talents and hiding behind fears of inadequacy (Began 1/4/2011, work in progress, still feeling extremely progressive and doing well in this area 3/7/2011, had a brief battle of laziness and writer's block at the end of May but feeling encouraged and inspired again 6/6/2011)
Wifely Ambitions
11.  Pray daily for my husband (aside from meals and bed) (I pray for my husband and our marriage every time I see 8:07 on the clock 3/7/2011)
12.  Eat spinach (Began 1/4/2011, work in progress. Going very very well ohohoooo 3/7/2011)
13.  Sit in silent company while he watches a football game (NO GUILT)
14.  Try out a new restaurant (South City in Atlanta GA definitely out of our normal range of food. The place was nice, waiter excellent but the food not so good to us!)
15.  Go on an overnight date somewhere (Planning a date weekend to GA in May...very excited, 3/7/2011 Date weekend in GA May 19-22 was a HUGE success, so much fun, and such a good time for us to relax and enjoy each others company)
16.  Reinstate “Thursday” date nights (now it's Tuesday date nights, we watch No Ordinary Family together, 3/7/2011)
17.  Reinstate “summons” date nights
18.  Buy and play a new board game together (purchased game in Jan, played it in Feb, maybe we'll play it again tonight, 3/7/2011)
19.  Try out a new card game together
20.  Write him 5 love notes
21.  Plan a surprise for his birthday (oh crap, I missed this one this year, as his birthday is today :/ 6/6/2011)
22.  Bake a special treat, just for him, just because
23.  Go on a “GPS” date
24.  Remove my hair from the tub after every shower for a month
25.  French kiss every day for 3 weeks
26.  Flirt regularly (I've made significant improvement ;) ;) ;), 3/7/2011)

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